A Long Walk Home’s 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Walk

22 October 2014
A Long Walk Home, Inc.
 invited the community on its 2nd annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month walk, this year dedicated to Marissa Alexander, a mother of 3 in Florida who potentially faces 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot to defend herself from an abusive husband. This program and walk were organized by the parents and girls of A Long Walk Home’s Parent Leadership Institute and Girl/Friends programs located in the North Lawndale neighborhood.

photo credit: Sarah Jane Rhee


Where Do We Go From Here?: A Discussion about Marissa Alexander’s Case, Plea Deal and Future

The Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander (Love & Protect) and UIC’s Institute For Research on Race & Public Policy hosted a discussion on Marissa Alexander’s case, recent plea deal, and where do we go from here. Panelists discussed the historical criminalization of black women who try to defend themselves and the erasure of their stories as well as ways to support women and other prisoners who have been disappeared by the system and how we can take care of our communities without having to turn to the police or the state.

photo credit: Sarah Jane Rhee

where do we go from here?: a discussion on marissa alexander's case, plea deal and future
where do we go from here?: a discussion on marissa alexander's case, plea deal and future
tasasha henderson (love & protect)
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Oakland Community Gathering for Marissa Alexander

On Tuesday, November 25th, 2014, community members in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered in Oakland to discuss Marissa Alexander’s case and plea deal as well as look to the future that involves strategies beyond the state. Love & Protect (Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander) was on hand to sell items from the online store to raise money for the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund.  INCITE Community News was also present to raise awareness about the Color of Violence 4 Conference.

oakland community gathering for marissa alexander
oakland community gathering for marissa alexander
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Mother’s Day Art & Card Making Event

On April 23rd, Love & Protect partnered with Black & Pink: Chicago and Chicago Books to Women In Prison to host an art and card-making event for incarcerated mothers.  With the hopes the art and cards would be received in time for Mother’s Day, those gathered created items for Nan-Hui Jo, Paris Knox, Tewkunzi Green and Cherelle Baldwin.  Letters of support were also written to Purvi Patel and get-well and birthday wishes were sent to Mumia Abu-Jamal.

It was also important for the community to write letters of support to Angela Helton, Rekia Boyd’s mother.  Earlier that week, Judge Porter issued a directed verdict of not guilty for Officer Servin who killed Rekia Boyd.

photo credit: Ayanna Banks Harris